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What is a Financial FingerprintTM?

A Financial Fingerprint is best described as a detailed map of your unique financial situation. Every individual or family has their own profile of income, expenses, savings and goals. By developing your Financial FingerprintTM, we will understand your financial situation in detail, so we can help you make the best decisions for your retirement and your future.

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Key Financial Data for 2020 by Meld Fiancial - This image is a screenclip of the top of the 1st page of the pdf file
Key Financial Data for 2020

School of Financial Wellness

Our handy reference guide of 2020 financial data and information related to exemptions, deductions, tax brackets, Social Security, Medicare and more.

Senior couple planning for retirement and discussing the social security earnings test
Social Security and the Earnings Test

School of Social Security & Medicare

When you claim Social Security benefits prior to your SS Full Retirement Age and continue to work, your benefits will be subject to the earnings test.

How will coronavirus (covid-19) impact the markets?
Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Your Investments

School of Financial Wellness

The coronavirus outbreak is only about two months old, so it is premature to discuss how this potential pandemic will play out.

Meld University is a collection of articles, seminars and videos, curated by the professionals at Meld Financial, that are designed to educate you on a wide range of financial topics. The only cost is your time!

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Rollover and Play Dead. Does Your Estate Plan Really Work?
Rollover and Play Dead. Does Your Estate Plan Really Work?

As people age, having proper estate planning documents is even more important. Learn how your assets should be titled and how to avoid costly mistakes.

Meld Financial - Shred It - Event benefiting Children's Hospital of Alabama
Shred-It to benefit Children’s Hospital of Alabama

Bring your sensitive documents to be securely destroyed by Shred-It on site! Sponsored by Meld Financial for the benefit of Children’s of Alabama.

Preparing For Long Term Care Expenses in Retirement
Preparing For Long Term Care Expenses in Retirement

Long-term care expenses represent a significant threat to your retirement outlook and can deplete a retirement nest egg quickly.