Often I get questions from folks about what month they are eligible to start receiving their Social Security benefits and when their benefits will be paid. I also help clients, whose spouse or parent has recently deceased, in determining if they are entitled to keep the last Social Security benefit deposited into their deceased family member’s account. Now folks can easily find the answers to these questions on the recently published Social Security Administration blog at: https://blog.socialsecurity.gov/can-i-keep-this-benefit-payment/.

About the only question on timing of benefit payments I frequently get that wasn’t answered in the above referenced SSA blog is, “What day of the month will I see the benefit deposited into my account?” The answer to this question is:

The SSA direct deposits benefits based on the day of month you were born. Their payment schedule is as follows:

Day of BirthPayment Date of SS Benefits
1st – 10th2nd Wednesday of the month
11th – 20th3rd Wednesday of the month
21st – 31st4th Wednesday of the month

The Social Security Administration periodically posts blog updates like the one just referenced on their website. You can subscribe to receive their “Social Security Matters Blog Updates” via email at: https://blog.ssa.gov/ .

As always, please feel free to call or email me if I can assist you with any of your Social Security or Medicare related questions, or if we can help you in any way.




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