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School of Financial Planning

College Savings Plan - 529 Plan - Educational IRA - UGMA - UTMA

College Savings 101: Which plan is right for you?

The multitude of college savings options can be overwhelming. There are a lot of plans available, each with their own set of pros and cons. So how do you create a strategy that maximizes your college savings?

what is so special about a certified financial planner?

CFP®: What it means – Why it’s important

The first step in finding the right financial advisor is to learn the basics, starting with what it means to be a Certified Financial Planner.

Meld Financial provides comprehensive wealth management solutions for our clients.

Wealth Management: Independent vs. Everyone Else

When the time comes to get help with wealth management, who should you trust with your nest egg? In this article we explore your options.

choosing a financial advisor, like any financial decision, can be daunting

What to consider when choosing a financial advisor

Don’t let your emotions get in the way when choosing a financial advisor. Our president, Mark McGarvey provides some tips to help you make a smart choice.

what's your goal written on a piece of paper stuck to a corkboard with a pushpin

Set Goals as You Save & Invest

Saving is important. In fact, it’s critical to securing your financial future. But to be successful, you need to set goals. This article tell you why.

Credit Scores are seeing a boost

Credit Scores are Getting a Boost.. That’s Good, Right?

You may have heard that some personal credit scores have a seen a recent boost. That sounds like good news, but it’s not quite that simple. Read our latest article to learn about these changes and how they could impact you, even if you already have a great credit score.

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