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The Importance of Equitable Estate Planning

Confused about how your estate planning documents should be drafted so that you have an equitable division of your assets? This article provides some insights.

Estate Planning - Probate - Wills - Trusts - Power of Attorney

Talking to Your Heirs About Your Estate Plan

Only 42% of Americans have drawn up a will and estate plan. Far fewer have shared these documents with their heirs. What about you? Are your estate planning documents in place and up-to-date? Do your heirs know where they are and what steps to take at your passing? Read this article to find out if you are prepared.

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What Documents Should You Keep for the IRS?

As you were gathering your records to prepare your 2017 taxes, you may have wondered exactly what you need to keep and for how long. This article provides some guidance.

Are you ready for retirement - $100 bills

How Retirement Spending Changes With Time

Are you getting close to retirement and wondering what your spending patterns will be once in retirement? This article provides some insights.

Financial Professional Mark McGarvey of Meld Financial

Why Having a Financial Professional Matters

Do you need an advisor to help you make wise decisions about your retirement savings or other investments? This article explains how an advisor can help you determine what’s important for your financial well-being.

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For Retirement, Income Matters as Much as Savings

An essential component of planning for retirement is determining where you’ll get income from to live on. This article lists six retirement income sources, besides Social Security. How many of them do you have?

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