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Wealth managers are key to your investment strategy.

5 Characteristics of a Quality Wealth Manager

Looking for a good wealth manager? We pulled together our list of the 5 most important qualities to look for as you start your search.

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2019 Contribution Limits Increase for 401(k), IRA and Related Retirement Plans

Employees who participate in retirement plans, such as a 401(k), 403(b), most 4S7(b), and the federal government’s Thrift Savings Plan, will be able to contribute more of their paycheck to their plan in 2019

Retirement Planning Pitfalls

Retirement Planning Pitfalls

We’ve identified the 4 biggest mistakes people make when planning for retirement. Take 2 minutes to make sure you’re avoiding these retirement planning pitfalls.

Retirement planning over 60 - the Meld Financial way with Situational Investing

Retirement Planning After 60

What’s the most important thing to consider in retirement planning after age 60? We answer this question and more in our latest article.

Annuities - Myth vs Fact presented by Meld Financial

Annuities: The Basics, and the 2 Biggest Myths

Annuities have gotten a great deal of attention in the media lately. In this article we examine the basics and the 2 biggest myths surrounding investing in annuities.

News by the Numbers

News by the Numbers

Wondering when the next recession could begin or how much the price of gas has risen? Look at these noteworthy figures to find out.

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