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School of Social Security & Medicare

Meld University presents Social Security Filing Strategies

Special Social Security Filing Strategies

If you were born before January 2, 1954 you may be able to have your cake and eat it too regarding Social Security. In this article, we explore this special strategy.

Did you know?

Don’t be a Social Security Flunky

Take this short, 5 question quiz to see how your Social Security knowledge stacks up. In March 2018, MassMutual surveyed people age 50 or older and found that 47% of them failed this quiz.

Doctor listening to a piggy bank with a stethoscope - social security questions

Top 6 questions doctors ask when filing for Social Security

Physicians and other high earners often overlook their Social Security benefits. It may be a small amount compared to your retirement account, but noone wants to leave money on the table.

road sign that reads 'taxes ahead'

Your Social Security Benefits & Your Provisional Income

Did you know that a portion of your Social Security benefit will more than likely be taxable? This article explains how much of your benefit will be subject to federal income tax.


Why You Should Have an Online Social Security Account

Cybersecurity is becoming more and more important every day. To help keep potential cybercrooks from establishing an online Social Security account in your name, everyone should log on to the Social Security Administration website and establish a MySSA account. This article tells you how and why.

Medicare - if you are 64 you should prepare

Now 64? Prepare to Sign Up for Medicare.

Are you close to turning age 65 and wondering about signing up for Medicare? This article provides some insights about if and when you need to enroll.

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