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Investment Management

We utilize a broad range of portfolios which we have designed to meet specific goals. Since each client is unique, your overall allocation will be customized to fit your specific needs.

Situational Investing

Investment goals should be measurable and attainable. Success should not depend on outsized investment returns nor upon impractical saving or spending requirements. The experienced specialists at Meld take the time to understand you and your entire financial situation. Then we work with you to create a practical investment plan focused on your specific objectives, implementing a portfolio with the least amount of risk needed to meet your goals. This is “Situational Investing.”

Income And Equity Portfolios

Using individual equity and fixed income securities we craft portfolios designed to meet your specific income and growth needs. Laddered portfolios of individually selected bonds and preferred equities are created to produce a defined amount of income. Equities are specifically selected for their long-term growth prospects and are monitored on a regular basis for any fundamental changes. From a situational investing standpoint, the use of individual securities provides us the tactical capability to execute an allocation strategy focused on meeting your objectives.

Mutual Fund Portfolios

Meld Financial maintains several diversified mutual fund portfolios with various allocations across specific market segments. We maintain a rating system for selecting and monitoring the individual mutual funds we use in our portfolios. On a monthly basis, every mutual fund in Meld’s portfolios is compared against every other mutual fund in its respective market segment. If any of our mutual funds fails to rank well against the other funds in the same category, we place that fund on a watch list and research replacement funds. If the fund continues to under perform, it is replaced.

Conservative Portfolio:

The Conservative Portfolio is designed for clients with a short time horizon of generally less than 5 years, or for those investors that are conservative. The portfolio will be invested primarily in bond funds with a small amount of equity fund exposure. The allocation mix is approximately 10%-15% equity funds to 85%-90% bond fund holdings.

Balanced Portfolio:

Clients with an intermediate time horizon of less than 10 years may find the Balanced Portfolio desirable. The portfolio’s equity fund exposure balanced with bond fund investments typically works well for a moderate risk investor. The allocation mix is targeted at approximately 50% equity funds and 50% bond funds.

Growth Portfolio:

The Growth Portfolio is designed for higher risk tolerant investors and/or for clients with a longer time horizon, generally in excess of 10 years. Because the portfolio has some bond fund exposure, it is considered to have a moderate growth objective. The allocation mix is approximately 10% bond funds and 90% equity funds.

Aggressive Growth Portfolio:

The Aggressive Growth Portfolio is designed for clients who understand the higher risk attributable to an all equity fund portfolio and/or for those with a longer time horizon period, typically 10 years or more. The portfolio will typically be 100% equity funds.

Aggressive Growth/Emerging Markets:

The Aggressive Growth/Emerging Markets Portfolio is designed for clients who want an equity approach to investing and investments in emerging markets. This portfolio is designed for those with a holding period of 10 years or longer. The bulk of the portfolio will be in domestic equities, with approximately 15% allocation to emerging markets, composed mainly of BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, & China).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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