Financial Fingerprint™ | Comprehensive Wealth Management by Meld Financial

Your Financial Fingerprint™ is a comprehensive wealth management plan that is:

Quick to assemble,
Easy to understand, and
Simple to modify as your circumstances change.

Get Your Financial Fingerprint™

    Meld Financial is an independent wealth management firm located in Cahaba Heights. During over 30 years of managing wealth for more than 300 households, we have developed Financial Fingerprint™, the process that lies at the heart of our wealth management philosophy.

    Get Your Financial Fingerprint™

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      Retirement Planning

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      Social Security & Medicare

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      Tax Planning

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      Estate Planning

      In around an hour, you will:

      ORGANIZE your current financial situation, needs, and concerns.
      CLEARLY DEFINE where you stand regarding your retirement.
      PROVIDE UNDERSTANDING of the MELD philosophy on saving, spending and investing.

      Why Meld Financial?

      Meld Financial, Inc. is an independent wealth management firm located in Birmingham, AL.

      We specialize in financial planning, investment management, employee benefits and executive benefits for individuals, families, trusts, foundations and institutions.

      We provide independent and objective services melded with customer-driven financial goals.

      Mark McGarvey - Founder - Meld Financial

      “We will always recommend the same course of action we would choose for ourselves, given the same circumstances.”

      -Mark McGarvey, Founder