Resumed-mailingFrom 1999 to mid-2011, the Social Security Administration (SSA) mailed an annual estimated benefit statement to workers 25 years of age or older. They discontinued the annual mailings as a cost cutting measure in mid-2011 and began offering personalized statements online ( in 2012 as a replacement. However, only 6% of American workers have signed up for online personalized statements, causing a concern in Congress. Beginning September 2014, the SSA resumed mailing annual estimated benefit statement at five-year intervals at their ages 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 to workers who have not signed up to view their statements online. All workers age 60 and older who are not already receiving Social Security benefits will continue to get annual estimated benefit statements mailed to them. These annual statements provide an estimate of your retirement benefits at your full retirement age (age 66 to 67, depending upon your year of birth), age 70 and age 62, assuming you stop work early and begin receiving benefits then. These statements also include estimates of your benefit if you should become disabled before retirement as well as your survivor benefits. Your personalized annual statement includes your complete earnings history. This is the amount on which Social Security taxes were paid that is reported to the SSA each year. Since this is the amount on which your future Social Security benefits are based, we strongly encourage everyone to review their statement each year for accuracy; especially if you are self-employed and, or have more than one employer during the year.