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Your guide to helpful financial data for 2019

Key Financial Data for 2019

Our handy reference guide of 2019 financial data. This guide includes exemptions, deductions, tax brackets, Social Security information, Medicare benefit information and retirement plan contribution limits. It also contains useful financial information for attorneys, CPAs and other professionals.

Be prepared for 2019 with our year-end financial checklist.

Year-End Financial Checklist – 2018

Be prepared for 2019 with our year-end financial checklist. Inside, we review 5 of the most important financial items to consider before time runs out on 2018.

looking out window with "Retirement Are you ready?" printed in clouds

2019 Contribution Limits Increase for 401(k), IRA and Related Retirement Plans

Employees who participate in retirement plans, such as a 401(k), 403(b), most 4S7(b), and the federal government’s Thrift Savings Plan, will be able to contribute more of their paycheck to their plan in 2019

Retirement Planning Pitfalls

Retirement Planning Pitfalls

We’ve identified the 4 biggest mistakes people make when planning for retirement. Take 2 minutes to make sure you’re avoiding these retirement planning pitfalls.

Retirement planning over 60 - the Meld Financial way with Situational Investing

Retirement Planning After 60

What’s the most important thing to consider in retirement planning after age 60? We answer this question and more in our latest article.

Situational Investing – The Concept

“Situational Investing” – the concept is simple at first glance. People know they should invest according to their specific situation, but it not that simple.

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