Patricia L. Burris, CFP®

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Patricia L. Burris, CFP® Vice President Corporate & Retirement Plan Services at Meld Financial

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The webinar will be held on March 30th at 3:00 PM Central Time. There is no cost to attend, but you must register in advance.


Pat has been in the financial services business since 1981 and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of qualified retirement and non-qualified deferred compensation plans as well as Social Security planning. Pat joined Meld Financial in 1997 and is directly responsible for the management of our institutional client relationships and oversees the daily operations of the firm.

Why Meld Financial?

Meld Financial, Inc. is an independent wealth management firm located in Birmingham, AL.

We specialize in financial planning, investment management, employee benefits and executive benefits for individuals, families, trusts, foundations and institutions.

We provide independent and objective services melded with customer-driven financial goals.

Mark McGarvey - Chairman - Meld Financial

“We will always recommend the same course of action we would choose for ourselves, given the same circumstances.”

-Mark McGarvey, Chairman