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A traffic sign with “Medicare Just Ahead” written on it meant to indicate Medicare Planning
Medicare – Are You Paying Too Much Premium?

School of Social Security & Medicare

Pat Burris, CFP® discusses Medicare and the steps you need to take to ensure you aren’t paying too much premium for your Medicare coverage.

Meld University presents COVID-19 stock market investment update
COVID-19 Update from Meld University

School of Financial Wellness

The U.S. has over 3.8 million cases of COVID-19 and over 141k deaths. Case number are escalating rapidly, again. How will this impact your investments?

A person is writing a check and counting money with a calculator. The FINANCIAL FINGERPRINT™ logo by Meld Financial is present in the bottom right-hand corner.
How Much Do I Need to Retire?

School of Financial Wellness

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. But, once you have your FINANCIAL FINGERPRINT™, you will know how much it will take to meet your retirement goals.

A pair of glasses lying on a page that reads “CARES Act” and “Coronavirus” signifying that retirement planners should consider new changes to the CARES Act
How the CARES Act Impacts Retirement Plan Rollover Rules

School of Financial Wellness

Borrowing from a retirement plan is generally viewed as a last resort. But the CARES Act gives some extra leeway for savers in these uncertain times.

Key Financial Data for 2020 by Meld Fiancial - This image is a screenclip of the top of the 1st page of the pdf file
Key Financial Data for 2020

School of Financial Wellness

Our handy reference guide of 2020 financial data and information related to exemptions, deductions, tax brackets, Social Security, Medicare and more.

Be prepared for the new year with our year-end financial checklist.
Year-End Financial Checklist

School of Financial Wellness

Be prepared with our year-end financial checklist. Inside, we review 5 of the most important financial items to consider before year end.

A checklist of qualities to look for in a good financial advisor
The 5 Most Important Qualities to Seek in a Financial Planner

School of Financial Wellness

Looking for a good financial planner? We’ve compiled a list of the top qualities to look for as you search for the right advisor for you.

A guide to maintaining your financial health
Your 2-minute guide to a full financial checkup

School of Financial Wellness

Maintaining good financial health requires regular checkups to take stock of everything from retirement savings to the status of your emergency fund.

Why the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Designation Matters

School of Financial Wellness

Not all financial planners are created equal. That’s why it’s important to understand what a CFP® brings to the table, and why it matters to you.