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Articles that mention Social Security or provide important details for those planning and / or receiving their Social Security benefits.

A senior couple excited to learn about social security spousal benefits.
Do You Qualify for Social Security Spousal Benefits?

School of Social Security & Medicare

If you’ve ever been married, you could be eligible for Social Security spousal benefits. Learn whether you qualify for these benefits and how much income you could receive.

Senior couple planning for retirement and discussing the social security earnings test
Social Security and the Earnings Test

School of Social Security & Medicare

The earnings test could apply if you claim Social Security benefits prior to your Full Retirement Age and continue to work.

Social Security retirement savings represented by miniature elderly people sitting on stacks of coins.
Everything You Need to Know About Social Security

School of Social Security & Medicare

Social Security provides a guaranteed source of income for many retirees, but maximizing benefits requires careful planning.

‘Retirement Guide’ written on a stack of papers with a human hand holding a pen – meant to represent a retirement planning resource guide
Retirement Planning Resource Guide

School of Financial Wellness

Preparing for retirement involves considering your vision for the future and setting aside funds to bring your dream to reality.

Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment
2023 Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment [COLA] Announced

School of Social Security & Medicare

The 2023 Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment [COLA] has been released. The increase is the largest since 1981.

A reduction in social security benefits symbolized by a dollar sign in front of a down arrow.
5 Factors That Can Reduce Your Social Security Benefits

School of Social Features

These 5 factors can reduce your Social Security benefits. Preparing for them can help you maximize your retirement income.

Social security benefits statement being reviewed by a retiree
How Much Income Does Social Security Replace?

School of Social Security & Medicare

Savers often overestimate the impact of Social Security on their retirement plan. This mistake can lead to an underfunded retirement.

A person looking at a chalkboard filled with complex mathematical calculations. This is meant to represent calculating provisional income or combined income.
How to Calculate Provisional Income (a.k.a. Combined Income)

School of Social Security & Medicare

To prevent excess taxation on your Social Security income, it’s important to know how to calculate provisional income.

A road sign that says expect delays which relates to the current state of the now opened Social Security offices.
Social Security Offices Are Open, But Expect Delays

School of Social Security & Medicare

Social Security field offices have reopened to the public, but many have reported delays with service and application processing.