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Articles that mention Social Security or provide important details for those planning and / or receiving their Social Security benefits.

A portion of an American Flag and a letter from the Social Security Administration with the words “Important Information” written on it.
Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision & Government Pension Offset

School of Social Security & Medicare

The Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision [WEP] and Government Pension Offset [GPO] rules can impact your retirement plan.

Social security card lying on top of a pay stub listing payroll taxes such as Medicare and Social Security – indicating changes to Social Security Benefits due to COVID-19
COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact on Social Security

School of Social Security & Medicare

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing everything, including Social Security. Patricia L. Burris, CFP® discusses these impacts, so you know what to expect.

‘Retirement Guide’ written on a stack of papers with a human hand holding a pen – meant to represent a retirement planning resource guide
Retirement Planning Resource Guide

School of Financial Wellness

Preparing for retirement involves considering your vision for the future and setting aside funds to bring your dream to reality.

Year End Financial Checklist provided by Meld University – series of checkboxes and a pen with Meld University Logo
Year-End Financial Checklist

School of Financial Wellness

With 2020 coming to an end, it is time to revisit your financial plan and evaluate your options to minimize your tax burden.

A person looking at a chalkboard filled with complex mathematical calculations. This is meant to represent calculating provisional income or combined income.
How to Calculate Provisional Income (a.k.a. Combined Income)

School of Social Security & Medicare

To prevent excess taxation on your Social Security income, it’s important to know how to calculate provisional income.

2021 Social Security Cost of Living Allowance [COLA] Update. Meld University Logo on top of a pen, paper with budget figures, and a calculator
Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment [COLA] for 2021

School of Social Security & Medicare

The Social Security Administration announced the Cost of Living Adjustment for 2021. Learn how this change could impact your finances.

Red white and blue buttons with stars, stripes, and “CARES Act”. The CARES Act makes important changes to Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) for Retirement Accounts.
What the CARES Act means for Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s)

School of Saving and Investing

The majority of media buzz on the CARES Act has been about fiscal stimulus. However, those nearing retirement should pay attention to RMD modifications for 2020.

Senior couple planning for retirement and discussing the social security earnings test
Social Security and the Earnings Test

School of Social Security & Medicare

When you claim Social Security benefits prior to your SS Full Retirement Age and continue to work, your benefits will be subject to the earnings test.

Computer with blocks that say "cost of living' to illustrate Social Security Premium and Medicare Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)
Social Security and Medicare Cost-of-Living Adjustments for 2020

School of Social Security & Medicare

Find out the upcoming adjustments to Social Security and Medicare. Benefits and COLA details are provided so you can prepare for 2020.