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Your Situation Melded with Our Expertise

meld-teamSituational Investing: We take the time to get to know you and all the specifics of your situation so we can make certain that every dollar invested is invested with a specific purpose in mind.

Discipline: Over any extended period of time, the markets will experience both euphoric highs and distressing lows. These experiences can invoke an investor’s fear or greed, tempting them to abandon a well thought out investment plan. Our experience has taught us to remove emotions from the process, so together we maintain a disciplined and defined approach to managing your financial assets.

Suitability: It is widely accepted that a portfolio’s asset allocation is the most important determination of the long-term performance of a portfolio. Therefore, the percentage of your portfolio invested in various asset classes will be in accordance with your financial situation, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Cost-Effectiveness: Our structured mutual fund selection process compares thousands of mutual funds against each other net of fees. This way we are able to gain a true picture of the performance of the funds and ensure that our selections are cost-effective.

20140602_123148Rebalancing: Given the importance of selecting an appropriate asset allocation, it is also vital to maintain that allocation over time. Since investments produce different returns over time, a portfolio can drift from its target allocation, creating new risk and return characteristics which may be inconsistent with the original plan. At Meld, we examine each client’s portfolio on a regular schedule and recommend changes as needed.

Tax-Awareness: Tax efficient portfolio construction minimizes the impact of taxes by holding tax-efficient investments, such as equities, in taxable accounts, and taxable bond assets in tax-deferred accounts. Tax efficiency can create benefits which compound with time.

Withdrawals: Withdrawal strategies involve managing your cash flow needs while taking into consideration your portfolio, pension benefits, social security benefits, and taxes. Our goal is to implement tax-efficient withdrawal strategies to minimize your tax burden.

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