Social Security Planning: What You Need to Know to Maximize Your Retirement Income

Presented by Meld University

Security Filing Strategies

Speaker: Patricia L. Burris, CFP®

When: Tuesday, Sep. 22nd from 3:00-4:30 PM CDT

Where: Online Webinar

Cost: $0

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    Social Security is far more complicated than most people realize. The decisions you make now will have a tremendous impact on the total amount of benefits you will receive over your lifetime.

    Learn to answer your questions:

    • Will Social Security be there for me?
    • How much can I expect to receive?
    • When should I apply for Social Security?
    • How can I maximize my benefits?

    This informative seminar covers the basics of Social Security and reveals innovative strategies to help you maximize your benefits.

    At this workshop we will present strategies aimed to help you:

    • Determine how your benefits are calculated
    • Consider factors to use in deciding when to apply
    • Decide when it makes sense to delay receiving your benefits – and when it does not
    • Coordinate benefits with your spouse
    • See if you can file on your ex-spouse’s, or deceased spouse’s, record
    • Coordinate Social Security with your other sources of retirement income

    Your speaker, Patricia L. Burris, CFP®, has conducted over 40 Social Security and Medicare educational workshops and has articles published in Investopedia, Yahoo Finance, and Financial Planning Magazine. She has helped hundreds of Baby Boomers maximize their Social Security, as well as numerous clients of CPAs and Attorneys.

    The event will be held as an online webinar. There is no cost to register, but you must reserve your place to attend.