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Our School of Financial Wellness conducts classes and publishes articles to help you become financially organized, so you can plan for your retirement and savings goals.

‘Retirement Guide’ written on a stack of papers with a human hand holding a pen – meant to represent a retirement planning resource guide
Retirement Planning Resource Guide

School of Financial Wellness

Preparing for retirement involves considering your vision for the future and setting aside funds to bring your dream to reality.

Key Financial Data for 2021 by Meld Financial - This image is a screenclip of the top of the 1st page of the pdf file
Key Financial Data for 2021

School of Financial Wellness

Our handy reference guide of 2021 financial data and information related to exemptions, deductions, tax brackets, Social Security, Medicare and more.

Lightbulbs and a notebook with do and don’t written on it.
Financial Dos and Don’ts During a Pandemic

School of Financial Wellness

2020 has changed our lives dramatically, but it’s important to maintain financial discipline. These tips will help you stay on track.

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Security Filing Strategies
Social Security: What You Need to Know to Maximize Your Retirement Income

Social Security is far more complicated than most people realize. The decisions you make now will have a tremendous impact on the total amount of benefits you will receive over your lifetime.

medicare and managing health care expenses in retirement
Medicare Planning: What You Need to Know to Manage Costs and Avoid Late Filing Penalties

Are you or a loved one over age 60, or retiring soon, and wondering: When do I need to sign up for Medicare? How do I sign up?

Defense wins retirement
Defense Wins Retirement: How to Shift Your Strategy From Growth to Income

Join us as we illustrate the importance of shifting from offense to defense and learn how to understand your personal investment allocation needs.

Stay Current With Our Weekly Economic Update

Start your week with a recap last week’s market action and a list of the upcoming week’s key events.

Weekly Economic Update presented by Meld University
Weekly Economic Update

School of Meld News

U.S. equities retreated from all-time highs last week. Now, the nation braces for a busy earnings week and a Presidential inauguration.

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