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Our School of Financial Wellness conducts classes and publishes articles to help you become financially organized, so you can plan for your retirement and savings goals.

A stack of paper containing charts with a calculator pen and keyboard – indicating calculation of Required Rate of Return (RRoR™)
Required Rate of Return – The Key to Your Retirement

School of Financial Wellness

Your Required Rate of Return [RRoR™] is a single metric, just one percentage value, that can be the ultimate guide to your retirement investing strategy.

Red white and blue buttons with stars, stripes, and “CARES Act”. The CARES Act makes important changes to Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) for Retirement Accounts.
What the CARES Act means for Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s)

School of Financial Wellness

The majority of media buzz on the CARES Act has been about fiscal stimulus. However, those nearing retirement should pay attention to RMD modifications for 2020.

Paper cutout of a retired man and woman holding hands, standing on top of stacks of quarters, indicating they’ve taken steps to secure their retirement plan
5 Important Steps to Retirement Planning

School of Financial Wellness

Retirement planning is a complex process, but there are some basics. These 5 steps will get you on the right track to planning for your retirement goals.

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Preparing For Long Term Care Expenses in Retirement
Preparing For Long Term Care Expenses in Retirement

Long-term care expenses represent a significant threat to your retirement outlook and can deplete a retirement nest egg quickly.

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Weekly Economic Update presented by Meld University
Weekly Economic Update

School of Meld News

Equity markets retreated slightly last week as the Presidential Election nears. Existing home sales continue to show strength.

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